Launch Panelists

Dr Tim Andrew

Senior Programme Manager, Nairobi Convention Secretariat, United Nations Environment Programme

Tim Andrew is a South African with a PhD in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science obtained from Rhodes University. He has more than 30 years of experience working on research and development issues especially around marine and freshwater ecosystems from the Antarctic to the tropics, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining the Nairobi Convention
Secretariat Tim spent 8 years working with the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science
Association (WIOMSA) as Director of Outreach and Resource Mobilisation, mainly developing partnerships and strengthening the resource base of the Association.

He joined the Nairobi Convention Secretariat at UNEP in 2019 to assist with policy and governance aspects of multiple projects and programmes being implemented through the Secretariat. Tim also currently leads the Secretariat’s work on cross-cutting issues such as MSP, Ocean Governance, and Blue Economy, and coordinates the GEF-funded SAPPHIRE Project.

Chris Whyte

Managing Director, Chris Whyte & Associates CC

Chris Whyte is a Circular Economy Strategist with 30 years of practical experience and multiple national and global awards for research, innovation and practical applications to all waste streams; creating value chains and sustainable economic outcomes in agriculture, energy, infrastructure, housing, water, manufacturing, health, tourism and mining.  His efforts over the years have created thousands of jobs and diverted hundreds of thousands of tons of waste from landfill. 

Chris is a Director of the African Circular Economy Network and founding Director of the ACEN Foundation, based in Brussels, as well as a director of several local and international commercial companies delivering solutions across multiple sectors for cities, regions, countries and corporates.  Chris is also on the Advisory Panel for the African Marine Waste Network , on the Project Steering Team for Our Blue Future with the Western Indian Ocean Governance Initiative, and an advisor to many national and international Agencies.”

“Where others see problems, I see opportunities”

Chris Whyte

Joan Momanyi

Senior Programme Manager at CORDIO East Africa
Joan Momanyi is a Senior Programme Manager at CORDIO East Africa. She has experience in research and management of projects at the local, national and regional levels with diverse stakeholders (Governmental Institutions, NGOs, Private Sector, CSO and communities).
Joan holds an MSc in Climate change (adaptation and mitigation) and Sustainable Development from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is passionate about projects/programs that promote sustainable environmental conservation while concurrently improving the livelihood of vulnerable communities through fostering poverty eradication, equality and building capacity of the local community. 

“We are working towards a common goal which is resilient coastal communities and thriving marine ecosystems. To achieve transformational change, we must work together"

Joan Momanyi

Dr. Samantha Petersen

WWF Madagascar South West Indian Ocean Regional Seascape Leader for WWF

Samantha currently holds the position of South West Indian Ocean Regional Seascape Leader for WWF. In this role she leads the oceans related work across five countries – South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar. She has over 18 years’ of relevant work experience including managing large teams, developing and implementing highly impactful initiatives and strategies to tackle some of society’s most intractable social and ecological challenges. Her roles have ranged from conservation scientist, programme manager, conservation director, strategic advisor and most recently with WWF International’s Oceans Practice. Her work to date has focused on enabling the effective implementation of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management, coastal community led conservation, and sustainable blue economy.

 Samantha holds a PhD (UCT) in Ecosystem based Fisheries Management and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Faculty of Law at UCT on complexity theory, systems transitions and behaviour change. She is has published over 40 papers, reports and book chapters on subjects ranging from seabird ecology, ecosystem effects of fisheries to behaviour change and systems transition. Her work has been recognised by the UN Convention on Migratory Species in 2008. She was awarded ‘Most Promising Young South African’, and was a finalist in ‘South Africa’s most influential women’ and was awarded recognition by Oprah Winfrey for her work in conservation.

She is passionate about conservation, cares deeply about humanity and wholeheartedly believes in a future where people and nature prosper.

Col. Andre Didace Ciseau

The Secretary General for the Port Management Association of Eastern & Southern Africa (PMAESA)

Col. Andre Didace Ciseau is the Secretary General for the Port Management Association of Eastern & Southern Africa (PMAESA) and is also the current Executive Secretary for the Pan African Association for Port Cooperation (PAPC).

Col. Ciseau brings with him extensive experience in the maritime and ports sector arising from his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) from 2004 to 2018.

One of his tasks as CEO of the Port Authority included working closely with the Blue Economy Department established by the Government of Seychelles in 2015 with a view to coordinate, consolidate and prioritize national initiatives geared towards harnessing opportunities and resources from the oceans in a sustainable manner.

Col. Ciseau is also a former PMAESA Board Member. Prior to working at SPA, he served in the Seychelles People’s Defense Force (SPDF) with a strategic role in the development of the Seychelles Coast Guard.


Col. Ciseau brings with him extensive experience in the maritime and ports sector arising from his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) from 2004 to 2018.

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Salim Ali Mohammed is a Fisher from Shella Beach  Management Unit, Malindi, Kilifi County. He has more than 15 years fishing experience.

 He is a member of Tuna Fisheries Alliance of Kenya and South West Indian Ocean Tuna Forum. He is involved in advocacy work at community level on the environmental and social rights for small scale fishers.

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