Task Team 1

Responsible for Our Blue Future strategy and guidance.

Task Team 1

Task Team 1 focuses on OBF governance, development, and management. The responsibilities include: developing appropriate governance structures for the multi-stakeholder initiative phases and their working modalities for approval by the Preliminary Steering Team; undertaking capacity assessments to develop the MSI and advise the Preliminary Steering Team; preparing communication messages.

To read more about the governance structure of OBF, please click the “About Us” button below.



Simeao Lopes

ProAzul, Government of Mozambique

Dr. Samantha Petersen

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Peter Manyara

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Dr. Tim Andrew

Nairobi Convention Secretariat

Dr. Maha Cziesielski

ACEN Foundation

Chris Whyte

Sustainable Tech

Julie Mulonga

Wetlands International

Dr. David Obura

CORDIO East Africa


Our Blue Future is still in its development phase, with a growing alliance of local, regional and international partner organisations, charting its design and future.

If you believe your organisation is well placed to contribute to Our Blue Future’s mission with time, mandate, expertise and/or financial resources please fill out the Governance Arragements form and send it to us.

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