For an inclusive and sustainable Blue Economy
in the Western Indian Ocean region

Get Involved

As a multi-stakeholder initiative, our aim is to engage with public, private and civil sectors to achieve Our Blue Future. If you are interested in becoming an Initiating Partner, click the “Shape Our Blue Future” button below to learn more about how your organization can have an impact.

Promote Blue Business

Our Blue Future works at many levels, but is primarily focused on mobilising and channeling technical, financial, and advocacy support to support enterprises and communities to become more sustainable for the health of the ocean. Businesses can benefit greatly from matching with one of our Innovation Teams. Find out more about Innovation Teams using the button, or find an Innovation Team that fits you below.

This is a test excerpt for the Innovation Team based on Fisheries. If you are involved or interested in the Fisheries within the WIO, check this page.

This is a test excerpt for the Innovation Team based on Ciruclar Economy. If you are involved or interested in the Circular Economy within the WIO, check this page.

This is a test excerpt for the Innovation Team based on Blue Tourism. If you are involved in Tourism in the WIO, check this page.

Shape & Support OBF

A diversity of organisations are collaborating to develop and initiate Our Blue Future (OBF) the Multi-Stakeholder Initiative to catalyse a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region. These Initiating Partners intend OBF to be an inclusive, well-resourced, and highly effective collaboration between government, business, civil society, international organisations, and science across the WIO. They are inviting other organisations to become Initiating Partners to help ensure OBF’s will chart a course to a blue future.

Initiating Partners will aid in the strategy & guidance of OBF through Task Team 1, and in stakeholder outreach and resource mobilization through Task Team 2. More info on the Task Teams below.

If you believe your organisation is well placed to contribute to Our Blue Future’s mission with time, mandate, expertise and/or financial resources please join us as an Initiating Partner. To become an Initiating Partner, please  fill out the Letter of Intent form, found with the button below. Alternatively, click on “Contact Us” to ask your questions.

The Task Teams

Task Team 1 focuses on OBF governance, development, and management. The responsibilities include: developing appropriate governance structures for the MSI phases and their working modalities for approval by the Preliminary Steering Team; undertaking capacity assessments to develop the MSI and advise the Preliminary Steering Team; preparing communication messages.

Task Team 2 focuses on outreach and stakeholder engagement, and resource mobilisation. Responsibilities include: mapping key stakeholders that could be invited to join the MSI; developing outreach strategies for engaging stakeholder groups e.g., private sector, civil society; identifying potential champions for the MSI at different levels. (e.g., heads of state, NC parties, etc); resource mobilisation including mapping existing resources among represented organisations.


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