Galvanizing corporate support for marine conservation

Towards a club of friends for Maputo National Park, Mozambique

Covering an area over 1 700 km², Maputo National Park is a key part of the Lubomo Transfrontier Conservation and Resource Area with supporting significant marine and coastal biodiversity.

One of the key challenges of creating an inclusive and sustainable blue economy is forging strategic partnerships that capitalise on private sector interests while supporting sustainable livelihoods and marine and coastal conservation activities. GIZ, through the Our Blue Future initiative, is partnering with Maputo National Park, the Mozambican National Administration of Conservation Areas, Peace Parks Foundation and several other stakeholders to develop a club of friends to support Maputo National Park. This may help act as a model across the region of how private companies and other actors can collaborate to support coastal and marine protected areas in a more systematic and effective manner.

The intention is to support the development of a financing instrument that promotes active biodiversity conservation and community development with an emphasis on female economic empowerment. The Club of Friends will support on-the-ground collaboration between the private sector, the park and communities for work that directly supports the conservation of biodiversity through blue livelihood development.

The link to Our Blue Future initiative

GIZ is offering to support partners to design and develop the Club of Friends model, governance and organisational structures. This will be done in a phased approach which will start with an analysis of similar initiatives, a consultative process to design the structure and then the mobilisation of partners to provide seed finance so the Club of Friends can become operational. #

Our Blue Future is growing a network of partner-led local projects and partnerships for a sustainable blue economy as part of its regional transformation network.

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